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Government of Romania MEAT Scholarship

Government of Romania MEAT Scholarship @tarihispace.com.ng

Government of Romania MEAT Scholarship is still ongoing for interested international applicants wishing to study in Romania until the deadline on 31 July, 2022.

Romania is country located in South Eastern Europe with population of 19 million. The country shared borders with Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, and Moldova. As stated by the World Bank, Romania is a country with high income economy, and is regarded as a safe country to live with low crime rate.

The Government of Romania MEAT Scholarship is designed for talented international students from countries that are not members of the European Union (E.U.) who also wished to pursue their study in Romanian language. The the Romanian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism (MEAT) together with the Ministry of Education are the organizers.

According to the Ministerul Antreprenoriatului si Turismului (MAT) that annually organized the scholarship program says that at 40 foreign candidates will receive the scholarship grant for the academic of 2022/2023.

The Government Romania MEAT  Scholarship is opened to all the courses offered by the host institutions. However, it is stated that agricultural studies, technical studies, economics, business administration, and other related fields will get a priority.

The duration of the study for undergraduate is 3 to 6 years, 1 to 2 years for Masters, and 3 to 4 years for PhD.


For the list and more information about the host institutions click here:https://edu.ro/institutii-invatamant-superior


The Government of Romania MEAT Scholarship as fully funded scholarship covers the following benefits:

  1. Tuition Fee
  2. Free Accomodation
  3. Monthly of allowance 65 Euro to Undergraduate students, 75 Euro to Masters Students, and 85 PhD students
  4. Medical assistance
  5. Enjoying affordable transport fees like Romanian citizens


To be eligible you should fullfil the following:

  1.  Most be a foreign citizen except non-EU and EFTA citizens
  2. A good high school certificate for undergraduate,
  3. A good undergraduate certificate for Master’s
  4. A good Masters certificate for PhD
  5. A medical certificate showing your good physical and mental health


  1. MEET application form (click here to download:3-Anexa-1-Procedura-selectie-dosar-burse-2022-2023
  2. ME application form (click here to download:4-Anexa-2-Procedura-selectie-dosar-burse-2022-2023
  3. A recommendation letter issued by entities such as Embassy or consulate office, economic representative of the Romanian Ministry of Economy, economic entities, in the applicant’s country of origin or residence
  4. Photocopy of credentials
  5. Curriculum Vitae
  6. At least two recent passports
  7. Copy of the 3 pages of applicant’s passport
  8. Medical certificate
  9. Declaration letter by the applicant that he didn’t benefits from any of the Romanian scholarship. (Click here to download the form: 5-Anexa-3-Procedura-selectie-dosar-burse-2022-2023
  10. Identity card

A candidate should scanned and send the aforementioned required documents to the following email address: http://burse2022@dce.gov.ro.

NOTE: All the required documents should be either in Romanian, English, or French language.


Ahmad Abdullahi, BA History

My name is Ahmad Abdullahi, I was born on 10th March, 1994 in Garun-Danga Town, Gabasawa L.G., Kano State. I attended FCE Demonstration Primary School from 2002 to 2007, FCE Staff Secondary School from 2007 to 2013, and Northwest University, Kano from 2013 to 2017, where I obtained bachelor degree in History.

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