The gate to the Gidan Rumfa, Kano Emir’s Palace. Source :

Islam in Kano is a historical phenomenon that attracted the attention of different scholars especially Kano historians. The religion of Islam which originated from the the ancient city of Mecca reached Kano around the mid 14th century.


Before the 14th century, Kano land or Kingdom was not an Islamic state. The rulers and the people of the Kingdom were following the traditional religion based on Tsumburbura idol. But, towards end of the 13th century, people from the north specifically Arabs and Tuaregs from the northern Africa, and Fulani from Mali began visiting Kano land.

During the reign of the King of Kano Yaji Dan Tsamiya (1401-1421), the Wangarawa people under the leadership of Sheikh Abdurrahman Al-Zaiti from Mali brought Islam to Kano. The Wangarawa succeeded in persuading the King of Kano to accept Islam. Immediately, King Yaji was converted to the religion of Islam. On the other hand, he declared Islam as an official religion and ordered everybody to accept the religion.

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