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A map showing the spread the Black Death within Europe. Source : creativecommons.org

The Black Death also known as the Great Plague was an epidemic that occurred and consumed about 200 million lives within Asia, Europe, and North Africa. The disease started to spread around the early 1330 and lasted until around 1353.

The impact of the pandemic was much felt in Europe where the disease consumed the lives of almost one third of the population.


The Black death started from central Asia. The disease was believed to have started to spread westward by early 1300s and finally reached Europe in 1347.

The most agreed and possible way through which the disease reached Europe was said to have been through the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a certain route which the European traders followed from Europe to the East specifically India and China. Most historians said that the Black Death disease was arrived in Europe when some European trader ships brought rats with the disease arrived at the Sicilian port of Messina in October 1347. Later, the disease became visible and many people began to be infected in the island. Later, the disease spread into the interior Europe and led to the death of over 20 million people all over the continent.

Causes and Symptoms of the Black Death


The disease of the Black Death was discovered to be carried by an insect called flea that lives on rats. Therefore, the rats became infected and in turn spread it to the humans.

Also, the fleas themselves spread the disease through biting people especially those who have wounds. If infected, mostly the disease would appear in not more than 7 days.


The symptoms of the disease included black swelling mostly around ears and the arms. If appeared on the person’s body then the illness would get worse and eventually led to the death of that person. Also, the nature of the death was mostly in a horrible way.


Black Death has been and remained one of the greatest tragedy that the world faced. The pandemic has led to the loss of millions of lives in Europe that estimated to be one third of the population. Also, in the east that included Middle East, India, and China the pandemic consumed millions of lives.

If combined the number of deaths, the Black Death led to the loss of about 200 million lives.

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