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Adolf Hitler was a German politician and dictator who ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. He was a founder and member of the Nazi Party under platform he struggled and rose to power as the German Chancellor and eventually a dictator.

Adolf Hitler was also worldwidely known as one of the unforgettable leaders of the 20th century. He earned the recognition as a result of being the one who caused the outbreak of the World War II. Therefore, due to that, he played a role as wartime leader who Allied Powers of the Great Britain, United States, and the Soviet Union.

Early Life

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April, 1889, in the of Braunau am Inn, Austria. His father was Alois Hitler who served as a custom officer, while his mother’s name was Klara Polzl.

Around 1895, Hitler started his formal education at a primary school in Fischlham. However, due to his disobedience and uninterest he did poorly in the school. Rather, he showed more interested in artistic activities. In 1904, he entered a secondary school in Steyr, and finally left in 1905.

Early Career of Adolf Hitler

As a result of his artistic ambition since childhood, Adolf Hitler went and lived in Vienna where he was able to start learning fine art. While in Vienna, Hitler lived in a poverty to the extent that he earned his living through laboring and selling some of his paintings.

Also, during his life in Vienna, Adolf Hitler started to developed interest in politics. At the same time he gradually developed racism and anti-semitic ideologies.

In 1913, Adolf Hitler left Vienna and went to live in Munich.

Military Career of Adolf Hitler

While Adolf Hitler was living in Munich city, which was the capital of the German State of Bavaria, the World War II broke out. Germany entered the war, and Hitler wanted to fought for Germany. Therefore, at the age of 25, he was recruited into the German army.

During the War, Hitler showed bravery and fought to the best of his ability. He was recorded to be one of the best German soldiers in his Regiment. Throughout the War, Hitler fought without stopping except for about 2 months when he was injured and be hospitalized. Due to his commitment in the War, he was praised and awarded military awards.

In 1918, the World War II ended, and Germany lost the War. This made Hitler unhappy as he hoped Germany to win the War.

Political Career

After the World War II, Adolf Hitler joined active politics in the city of Munich. In 1919, he became the member of the German Workers Party (DAP) which was a Party with nationalist, socialist, and anti-semitic outlook. In a very short time, he became one of the notable members of the DAP due to his oratory talent. He worked as one of the Party’s propagandists who criticize government and advertise the manifesto of the Party to the populace. In February 1920, the DAP was renamed into National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP).

In April 1921, Hitler became the leader of the NSDAP. As Party leader, he continued to increase the Party’s popularity among the Germans through the use of propaganda. He also continued giving public lectures, drawing attention of the Germans about their status quo and the need for change.


By 1923, Hitler’s attitude and anti-government activities grew to a large extent. His aim was to change the German government and rebranded the whole of Germany.

After planning, on 3 November, 1923, Hitler started a coup in Munich after he and his team staged a coup in Munich known as the ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ in order to seize power. However, within one day the police stopped the Coup after an effort by Hitler’s team to occupied government headquarters including Bavarian War Ministry, before heading to Berlin in order toppled the German Weimar Republic Government.

After the Coup failed, Hitler was arrested and prosecuted with treason. In April 1924, he was convicted and sentenced to five years term in prison. But, in less than one year, Hitler was released in December 1924 based on the condition that he would be law abiding .

After his release, Adolf Hitler started reorganizing his NSDAP or Nazi Party into a strong party. He continued criticizing government especially when the economic downturn of the Great Depression stroke Germany. He and his Party used the economic problem as a means of Propaganda in which they blamed and criticized the government for inefficiency. By 1931 to 1932, the Nazi Party have dominated the German parliament called the ‘Reichstag’.

Adolf Hitler Rise to Power

After Nazi Party became dominant party in Germany, Hitler contested as its candidate for the Presidential election in 1932, but lost.

Later, on 30 January, 1933, Hitler was appointed a Chancellor of Germany which means the head of German government. With the new position, Hitler gradually strengthened Nazi and eliminated all opposition. Before long, Hitler became the sole ruler of Germany and called himself Führer which means a ‘leader’. With all these, Hitler’s government became a dictatorial in which he possessed full control of Germany. He called his government the ‘Third Reich’.

On the other hand, Adolf Hitler began pursuing his dream of making Germany a world great empire and also making German Aryans as the most superior race in the world. As part of the process, he strengthened his army and prepared for the conquest of central and eastern Europe. He also showed his anti-Jews attitudes in which he began persecuting and gradually killing them, as he considered them as undesirable and of the source of German problems.

Outbreak of the World War 2

As part of his expansionism policy, Hitler annexed his neighboring country of Austria in August. The annexation clearly showed Hitler’s aggressive attitude and the intention of expansionism to the world. In order to stopped him, the leaders of the Western European countries specifically Great Britain and France met Hitler and appeased him, but was to no avail

On 1 September, 1939, German army based on Adolf Hitler’s order annexed the neighboring country of Poland. On the other hand, the annexation of Poland set the fire aflame that necessitated the outbreak of the World War 2. The War broke out on 3 September, 1939, when Great Britain and France declared war on Germany.

After the declaration of war on Germany and the outbreak of the World War II, Adolf Hitler automatically became one of the wartime leaders who fought against the Allied Powers specifically Great Britain, United States, and the Soviet Union. The other leaders with whom Hitler collaborated during the War included the Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini and the Japanese Prime Minister Tojo Hideki.

During the War, Hitler strategize German war effort and initially did well. In 1940, his forces successfully annexed France and continued to retained the previously annexed areas mostly in central Europe. However, Hitler’s War success faced a huge setback when he broke the non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union and ordered his army to invade the country in June 1941. The Germans pushed to the best of their abilities, but, by 1943 the Soviet Red armies overcame and defeated them. The defeat reduced the morale of the Hitler’s army, and eventually the Hitler’s war effort declined too. At last, the enemies troops of the Great Britain and the United States in the pushed eastward towards Germany. While, from the east, the Soviet troops pushed westward towards Germany. By 1945, the enemies troops trapped Germany in the middle and therefore Germany had to surrender.


As it became obvious that Germany lost the War, Adolf Hitler became hopeless and at last committed suicide on 30 April, 1945.

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